More Than I Can Count

Lorraine Heinrich
Wednesday, 23 March, 2011

For over 12 years now we have been operating under the name of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School (RMMS) and this is the name that we are known as. Now we are becoming more open to the public and we are changing our name to the Modern Mystery School (MMS). We will continue to operate locally as the Rocky Mountain Mystery School but in time we will phase that name out. The testimonies given here below are from people who have been with us as the RMMS and therefore their testimony reflects that name. Thank you for understanding.

Where do I begin? Twelve Years ago I was a single young woman in my twenties seeking spiritual advancement, a deeper understanding of myself, stronger direction in life, and better quality relationships with others. It was then that I met an amazing friend and guide Gudni Gudnason. He opened the door to the Mystery School and I walked in, trusting my intuition but really not knowing what to expect.

The blessings I have received from the Mystery School Teachings are more than I can count and they have exceeded my greatest expectations! I have become fully self empowered and so very happy to be alive! I left an unfulfilling job to actually earn a living doing what I love, I am in a very happy marriage, and I express myself fully and completely.   I have also had the amazing opportunity to travel the world and meet incredible people who have taught me so much about kindness compassion and reverence. Thank you so much Gudni and thank you RMMS for reminding me of my divinity and providing me with the tools that I needed to open the doors to powers of the Universe!

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