A Treatise on the 7 Rays: Rays & the Initiation

Image of The Rays and the Initiations (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. V)
Author: Alice A. Bailey
Publisher: Lucis Publishing Company (1993)
Binding: Paperback, 820 pages

The Rays and the Initiations is the fifth and final volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. The seven rays contain the fundamental spiritual structure on which the next presentation of the Ageless Wisdom teaching will build. The Rays and the Initiations is presented in two parts. The first part enumerates and details the Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation. These are the rules for disciples and initiates, paralleling on a higher turn of the spiral, the rules for applicants contained in Alice A. Bailey's book, Initiation, Human and Solar. The second part of this volume on the seven rays explains the nine major expansions of consciousness through which the initiate becomes progressively liberated from the various forms of our planetary life, ultimately proceeding upon his chosen Path of development and service within the universe. One of the outstanding principles unfolded through the pages of this book is that of the growth of the group idea - group service, group responsibility and group initiation. The possibility of group initiation seems to be one of the new emerging developments of the Aquarian era; therefore, the profound value to the disciple of the Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation. These rules embody great truths in symbolic form, into which the consciousness expands with the acceptance of occult obedience, and the meeting of all requirements on the Path of Initiation in a group penetrating together towards the centre of an ashram, and into the heart and will of the presiding Master. Because the way to the innermost sanctum is the way of outer service, and because initiation is the effect of an increasing capacity to intuit the Plan, to register ashramic purpose and to act accordingly. In dealing with such abstruse matters, the author again demonstrates a marvelous capacity to relate the deepest and most profound aspects of the Master's teaching to the life and the consciousness of the aspirant in the world today.

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