3 Magic Words - the DVD!

What are the 3 Magic Words?

The powerful subconscious mind, that is the infinite access to all knowledge, creates according to the pure word or thought and is the power behind all creation of your life. So if our minds are so powerful, what thoughts or words can we give it to change ourselves and our world? What three words can we speak that will reprogram our subconscious mind in an instant? What three words can bring us to an awareness of peace, happiness, compassion and self realization? What three words can change the world? Is this really possible?

Buy 3 Magic Words - the DVD!The universe is vast and mysterious. It contains all that ever was or will be. Our earliest ancestors with their ever-evolving minds could never have imagined the borderless expansion of the cosmos that has revealed itself to mankind’s probing eyes. Armed with our newly invented tool, called science, we’ve begun to unravel some of the countless mysteries that have puzzled us through the ages. It’s nothing short of a profound mystery that in this limitless sea of space, filled with enormous galaxies, containing over 800 billion suns, life has emerged at all. But emerge it has. Somewhere in a tiny little corner of an ordinary galaxy, filled with billions of ordinary stars, there is a tiny blue planet, suspended in the black of space. This miniscule world is home to a peculiar life form called HUMAN. Humans have traveled a long road in trying to understand the purpose of their existence. Humanity has finally reached a pinnacle in its evolution where knowledge, unity and the desire for peace have brought them closer together in solving life’s biggest mystery; Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of human life?

3 Magic Words is a film that weaves together a tapestry of new age thought, quantum physics, philosophy, world religions, cosmology, archeology, geometry, and an amazing discovery about the nature of consciousness. This new understanding of consciousness will take us on an adventure of self-discovery and lead us into becoming a more evolved human being so that we can awaken the hidden power that we all have and share it with the world. The 3 magic words are here to reveal an amazing truth about who we are and the power that this realization gives us. It’s a profound concept that is transformational not just for each individual but for the whole planet.

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